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Our Story

Mau and Mau was founded in 2021 by Delhi-based architects who sought to translate their bold design concepts into the art of candle making. Starting their journey in a living room with just six designs, they have since expanded their repertoire to over 100 products, including a diverse range of sculptures and lamps.

Each piece crafted by Mau and Mau carries a unique story, illuminating the spaces people inhabit. Their mission is to weave beautiful narratives through their eclectic designs, bringing warmth and character to every environment. Through their creations, Mau and Mau aim to light up lives and spaces with a touch of artistry and imagination. We are deeply grateful to everyone who has been an integral part of this journey.

Our Philosophy

Mau and Mau is a contemporary Indian product design studio dedicated to creating handcrafted objects for the home, work and play. We are building a new-age home decor brand that resonates globally. Our aim is to blend modern design sensibilities with traditional craftsmanship, offering unique and beautifully crafted pieces that enrich living spaces and tell captivating stories. Through our thoughtfully designed products, we strive to bring a touch of artistry and innovation into every home.


Meet Sukhsahej Singh Bakshi, Co-founder and Designer at Mau and Mau. Our mission is to create meticulously crafted products using computer-aided design (CAD) software, transforming 3D concepts into tangible masterpieces through collaboration with skilled sculptors. 

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Sukhsahej S. Bakshi


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